The East Bay Conversation Project is a community-wide coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting understanding and engagement in advance care planning. Following the goals expressed by the national “Conversation Project” and numerous other advance care planning advocacy organizations in California and across the country, the goal is to normalize “the conversation,” much like we do for any other life planning.

This website is dedicated to providing the residents of Alameda and Contra Costa County with the resources necessary to help them engage in advance care planning. The content has been developed by advance care planning advocates throughout the community, including health care professionals, social workers, senior advocates, estate planners, conservators, non-profit community service and business organizations, faith-based organizations, elected officials, public health agencies, and many other volunteers.

The East Bay Conversation Project provides resources to engage in advance care planning and is continually interested in recruiting organizations and individuals to champion the effort. It is supported by grant funding and administered by the ACCMA Community Health Foundation, a charitable subsidiary of the Alameda-Contra Costa Medical Association (ACCMA).

For the East Bay Conversation Project brochure, click HERE.

Interested in becoming a “Speaker” or “Coach” for advance care planning?

The East Bay Conversation Project offers training to individuals who would like to become Speakers or Coaches who advocate for advance care planning and engage others in “the conversation”.

Training to become a Speaker or Coach is offered quarterly. The next training will be May 22, 2017. To RSVP for an upcoming training, go to the East Bay Conversation Project’s calendar of events. You can also send an e-mail to eastbayconversationproject@accma.org, or call the Alameda-Contra Costa Medical Association at (510) 654-5383.


Is your organization interested in providing additional advance care planning services?

Organizations offering additional advance care planning services may also be listed as a local resource for the public.

To view the list of Local Organizations, click here. For information, please email eastbayconversationproject@accma.org or call (510) 654-5383.